Barbara Cragg, HR Consultant

Interviewing Tips

Asking questions at the end of the interview shows interest in the job. Always prepare several questions even if you do not get to ask but one or two. Sample questions are:

Take a resume with you even if they have one. Sometimes they route it around the office and can't find it when it is time for the interview.

Arrive in the area where the interview will take place about 30 minutes early. Long delays in traffic are unpredictable and you will not interview well if you are rushed. Dress conservatively in professional attire even if you know the company has a casual business dress day. You want to look your best.

Behavioral interviews are increasingly popular. The questions are asked in a way that you have to give an example. Being vague by saying "usually", "most of the time", or "sometimes" show you are being hypothetical. Behavioral interviewing consist of three parts.

Send a thank you note. Sending a brief note in your own handwriting thanking the interviewer shows interest in the job and makes you stand out from the other candidates.